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Seattle is a tech city, with Microsoft and Amazon among the biggest employers, and it recently prompted a frustrated Census analysis by a single male tech consultant there.

In his experience, the abundance of tech dudes has created a paradox of choice for women, in which they’d rather rebuff every guy who comes within arm’s reach. Stewart, for her opinion, and I was surprised at her candor about both the Freeze and the degree of difficulty for men, be they locals or visitors.

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Los Angeles." data-reactid="79"“Seattle IS very frosty,” she said in an email.

“As a Seattle native, I have been pleasantly surprised, over and over again, by how friendly other places are, even other West Coast cities like Portland or Los Angeles.

We have been realizing these aspects for three generations.

Yahoo Travel Associate Editor Greg Keraghosian spent several years as a professional dating coach for men (no, we can’t believe it either).

“Tons of people make initial contact here through Meetup.

There are singles-specific groups, or you could just look at the site in advance and tag along with any group of people who’re interested in what you are.”Related: The Trip Every Couple Should Take Before They Get Married For the men: This isn’t Woman Waterloo, guys.

Some of their answers surprised me, and I’ll share them soon.

But first, let’s examine the advanced pickup metrics in Seattle.

Related: Marriage and Travel Advice from Bill Murray“It’s definitely tougher to meet singles in Seattle, specifically for men …

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