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The other employee fired by the Mavs was the team's official beat writer, Earl K. According to SI, Sneed pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of family violence assault following an incident with a girlfriend in 2012. Several sources alleged that "the couple had a dispute and Sneed turned violent, hitting the woman," leaving her with bruises and a swollen face. I'm embarrassed, to be honest with you, that it happened under my ownership, and it needs to be fixed.

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Psychiatrist Philip Scurria examined her and advised in no uncertain terms that she should not be hired, saying she was "shallow and superficial". The NOPD was chronically short-handed; at the time, its officers were paid lower than in similarly-sized cities, and it was losing officers faster than they could be replaced.

Its ranks had been decimated by several arrests for murder and drug activity.

Frank refused to discuss her relationship with Lacaze during the DOC investigation except to say that she was trying to help him.

It was later revealed that the two had a sexual relationship.

In her statement, she claimed that she and Lacaze were not dating and had never been intimate.

Frank refused to discuss anything regarding the murders - every time the investigator asked her a question, she told him to "look it up in the record," or asserted her innocence.

Frank had taken a statement from Lacaze after he was shot on the street, and initially got closer to him in hopes of turning his life around.

However, she was smitten by Lacaze's "bad boy" persona, and their relationship soon turned sexual.

He resigned from that position after less than two months.

Multiple sources told SI that the resignation came after an allegation of sexual harassment.

On November 25, 1994, Frank handled an incident in which Rogers Lacaze, a known drug dealer, had been shot.

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