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How cooperative were they with the Jewish and civil courts? We recommend that the divorced dater spends time talking with his references about answers to the difficult questions that will be asked, and brainstorm about the best ways to present information in an honest, positive way.

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Vary what you do on dates, so that you spend time together in a variety of settings and experiences – when you're happy, tired, physically active, relaxing, involved in an interactive activity.

Meet each other's friends and family and observe the dynamics.

Dear Rosie & Sherry, While I find your dating advice to be spot-on, one topic that hits closer to home has yet to be addressed. My marriage was a brief one, and at 25, I feel as “single” as my unmarried friends.

But because dating sites request that divorcees disclose their status at the outset, I find myself facing a stigma by many single women, their friends and parents.

We give this advice to all dating couples, regardless of whether one of the daters has been married before.

Talk to each other about your life histories, values, expectations, family, relationships, ways of dealing with life's stresses, and views on marriage and family.

They never met me – so how could they judge based on the sole criterion that I am divorced? If anything, I feel more prepared for marriage than “regular” single people, because I have experience, I know the mistakes that occurred, and I am committed not to repeat them in a second marriage. Steve Dear Steve, You've touched on a challenge that more and more young people now face – healing from the break-up of a brief first marriage and, once they're ready to start dating again, being viewed as "damaged goods." We agree that this is a terrible, unwarranted stigma, and we appreciate the opportunity to address it.

Let’s first understand why many people don't give divorced men and woman a fair chance in the dating world.

Unfortunately, we've seen many of these lately, often among couples who shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.

They may have been infatuated with each other, but didn't share the core values and goals that form the foundation of a long-term marriage.

If the person sounds promising but you're concerned about something in his or her history, find out more information.

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