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Too many old, ugly and normally lethargic acquaintances were reporting phenomenal online dating success for their tales to be dismissed out of hand. Ten, even five years ago, online dating was still regarded as slightly indecent, a sign of desperation, the resort of adulterers. Now every­one knows someone who has thrown their hat into the ring and has a hilarious – or degrading – story to tell.

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Within hours of my profile going live I was contacted by a woman calling herself Queen Tracy. Her photo could have been taken from a glossy fashion magazine.

She was a 25-year-old media professional living in Kensington. She gave me her email address and said it would save trouble if we emailed each other directly instead of contacting one another via the website’s laborious messaging system.

A recent You Gov survey, for instance, found that 15 per cent of 2,000 couples had met online.

The tick-box lifestyle options to flesh out my profile offered only the narrowest options.

It was like choosing a new pair of frames at a small-town opticians with limited stock.

I thought I’d be highly educated and well-paid to start with, just to fly a kite, and if that didn’t arouse any interest in my profile, then I’d take the uneducated but good-with-my-hands route.

The replies from the dozen or so women I contacted were mostly courteous but pointedly brief. Another was very scathing about journalists and the British media in general. Most sites advise meeting first for coffee in a public place. Cowgirl and I spent the next three weekends at the spa hotel. Another was from a Royal Marine serving in Afghanistan. He couldn’t have apologised more when I told him about his mistake. And remember there are lots of angry, resentful, unhappy, unscrupulous, solipsistic and plain mad people out there. Yet the proportion of these on a dating website will prob­ably be greater than you would find walking into a pub – which is where, statistically, most ­couples first meet. Telegraph Dating - a place where you can have fun getting to know like-minded people in a safe and secure environment.

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