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By the time you reach forty years together there are a lot of good times to remember so you could always create a time capsule or scrapbook to memorialize those good times.

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There are several software products to help you publish your photo book.

Try com/publish/photo_books/ for help publishing your fortieth anniversary photo book.

If you are determined to purchase a ruby category gift for your partner’s fortieth anniversary gift the obvious choice is a piece of ruby jewelry.

The ruby is a popular jewelry gemstone because of its intense, rich colors which range from blood red to purplish-red-bluish-red and orange-red hues.

To see the ruby china go to Wedgewood’s website at If your partner is a tea devotee consider the ruby bone china tea set offered on the Teavana website (this site carries all possible tea related products) at Does your special someone prefer wine to tea a perfect ruby gift may be the ruby colored wine glasses, flutes or goblets on the “Wineware” website at

The color ruby is also creates the option of a gift of clothing or accessories that are ruby colored.

The herbal gardeners’ site has nasturtium recipes at

Nasturtiums can grow in very poor soil quality and require very little care to thrive in your garden, in hanging baskets or along fence lines.

Some of the jewelry features rubies set in white gold, some in yellow gold and many of the pieces shown are a ruby and diamond combination. q=ruby&x=6&y=14 offers an entire line of unique and beautiful ruby earrings, rings, pendants and charms.

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