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With the dating skills I've developed thanks to your coaching, my confidence is growing by leaps and bounds each day!

Two people sit in the middle of a bustling San Francisco coffee shop.

Her clients skew male, though she offers services to both men and women.

The Bay Area’s over-reliance on technology and the pervasive belief that everything — even romance — can be solved with an app or lines of code is often the biggest hurdle Merrill faces when helping clients.

She views social skills as muscle — something that gets stronger with practice and weaker when neglected.

“I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world where people are so involved with their technology all the time,” said Merrill, a Bay Area native.

“It atrophies a person’s ability to connect face-to-face.” This face-to-face strategy is something even dating apps have begun to champion, with some going as far as to host events and partner with other apps and services, like Yelp, to coordinate dinner plans.

Our friendly and professional consultants are dedicated to help you succeed and get more dates!

Our highly experienced consultants will work with you on improving the following areas: The above 3 areas are the most important in dating.

Our dating coaches and consultants are highly trained in the field of communication, fashion and style, and social etiquette.

With our coaching and guidance, you will be empowered to feel more confident, attract more women, get more dates, and have more fun in your life.

They don’t know each other, though they’re seated at the same table.

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