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Sometimes extra services, such as fax and address book directories, may be included as well. When Outlook runs for the first time, the first profile is created automatically and is named "Outlook." Whenever Outlook starts, this default profile runs automatically.

When you add or modify e-mail accounts, or include an additional file to use, you are modifying your profile.

When you switch from one profile to another, you change the e-mail accounts and settings that are available to you in an Outlook session.

Also, if other people use the same computer that you do, their accounts and settings can be kept in separate profiles that have different names.

You cannot use passwords to protect Outlook profiles.

You can modify your profile at any time, but you cannot change the name of a profile after it is first created.

If you need more than one profile, you can create an additional profile at any time, and add to it the accounts and settings that you want.

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Most people maintain only one profile — however, you might sometimes find it useful to have more than one.

For example, you might want to use one profile for work mail and a second profile for personal mail.

A private individual might have an Internet e-mail account, such as a POP3 account, while corporate workers might have a Microsoft Exchange account.

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