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Before Jack could make his move, Daniel walked over to the bench.

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Carrie and Austin emerged from their hiding spot, and everyone enthusiastically welcomed them back to Salem.

"All right, guys -- I know you're all wondering who our special guests of honor are," Hope said, as she pointed to a secluded part of the town square.

After the majority of the guests had arrived, Bo and Hope walked over to the podium so that they could officially start the party. Rafe noted that Austin was a forensic accountant, and Austin jokingly admitted that his job was boring.

"First, we want to thank all of you so much for celebrating this great day with us. Roman approached the group, and he said that it was great to see that Carrie and Sami were getting along with each other.

Abe walked over to the podium, and he asked everyone for their attention. Bo explained that there had been a possibility that Carrie and Austin would not have been able to make it to Salem in time for the party.

Sami and Roman were shocked, but before they could say anything to Carrie, Hope announced that she wasn't finished with the surprises yet.He turned his back on a wonderful family," Adrienne said.Jack sighed, and he realized that he needed to reveal himself.Will claimed that he had assumed that it would have been obvious that he and Gabi were dating, then he quickly changed the subject.Jack spotted Adrienne and Jennifer at a nearby bench, and he ducked behind a tree so that he could eavesdrop. pointedly asked if the town square was still considered public property. You are the first of many generations to enjoy this wonderful, public space. Hope said that their other guests of honor were going to be late, but she assured everyone that the guests would make it to the party eventually.

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