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Most of the holy orders wore long woollen habits in emulation of Roman clothing. Benedictines wore black; the Cistercians, undyed wool or white. Silk was the most luxurious fabric available to medieval Europeans, and it was so costly that only the upper classes, and churchmen, could afford it.

While its beauty made it a highly-prized status symbol, silk has practical aspects that made it much sought-after.

Sheepskin cloaks and woollen hats and mittens were worn in winter for protection from the cold and rain.

Women wore flowing gowns and elaborate headwear, ranging from headdresses shaped like hearts or butterflies to tall steeple caps and Italian turbans.

Fabrics of the brightest and richest colours cost more and were therefore most often found on nobility and the very rich.

Brighter colours, better materials, and a longer jacket length were usually signs of greater wealth. Noblemen wore tunics or jackets with hose, leggings and breeches. Women wore long gowns with sleeveless tunics and wimples to cover their hair.

Most people in the Middle Ages wore woollen clothing, with undergarments (if any) made of linen.

Among the peasantry, wool was generally shorn from the sheep and spun into the thread for the cloth by the women of the family.

Leather boots were covered with wooden patens to keep the feet dry.

Outer clothes were almost never laundered, but the linen underwear was regularly washed.

Some of the more complicated men's hats were hoods with a long strip of fabric in the back that could be wound around the head.

A common accoutrement for men of the working classes was a hood attached to a short cape that covered just the shoulders. Benedict stated that a monk's clothes should be plain but comfortable and they were allowed to wear linen coifs to keep their heads warm.

Illuminations, woodcuts, and other period artwork illustrate medieval people in bed in different attire; some are unclothed, but just as many are wearing simple gowns or shirts, some with sleeves.

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