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Rulers of this type – with the “Golden Rule” printed on them — were standard in the advertising and promotional programs of Coca-Cola bottlers for years.

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Use a collectibles guide or talk to a Club member to learn more about the differences between reproduction and original pieces.

Prior to the introduction of Sprite in 1961, The Coca-Cola Company produced syrup for only Coca-Cola.

You can read an overview of early bottles in the Collectors Column on The Coca-Cola Company’s website.

Because so many calendars were produced for Coca-Cola through the years, it’s often best to see a picture of the item and match it to the one you have.

And some early bottles used by Coca-Cola bottling companies may have contained a seltzer water or flavored soft drink.

Because the bottles vary so greatly, using a collectibles guide to Coca-Cola bottles is a good way to learn more about what is available – and perhaps match a picture to the specific bottle you have.Most bottlers of Coca-Cola produced other soft drinks such as orange, grape, root beer, etc.These could not be packaged in the patented Coca-Cola bottles.Contour bottles have been produced for so long and are so durable that they are still quite common.As a result, they have not yet achieved a very high value.The bottlers would purchase the bottles for the flavored drinks and would often mark them with their bottling company name.

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