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After finally separating myself, I knew that I could not afford to make the same mistake again and get involved in a relationship that lacked substance and a real chance of having love.

If you answered “no” to some or all of these questions, do not despair.

Your compatible soulmate is out there looking for you as much as you are looking for them.

Sarah Faith specializes in helping her clients to release fears, limiting beliefs and what blocks them from living their optimal potential in love, health, strength, and prosperity.

Her areas of specialty are building self esteem, body image and self love, transforming relationship dynamics, and the I Love My Body 12-Week Program that transforms your relationship with food, exercise and most importantly with yourself to release weight naturally.

We all have experienced it at sometime—our heart fluttering, our palms getting sweaty as our body heats and the impulse to stare covertly so as not to be accused of gawking.

You know that you are attracted to this person, but how can you tell if it is more than skin deep?

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I want to share what I did differently in choosing my husband, and what has helped my clients keep their heart, head and soul in agreement where love is concerned.

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