Dating an engaged man Lonely horny voyuer chat

If you were really into a girl who happened to be taken or engaged, would you consider it wrong to continue the chase or do you think love is all that matters? i think it's important not to lose hope and to chase your dreams.

Fell in love with a girl without knowing she got a boyfreind. My advise would be its best to avoid girls or guys already engaged, even if the person reciprocates its best not to break another persons home.

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Think how would you feel if someone wishes to bone your girl. Unless he or she is really having a bad relationship or is going to break up soon or getting a divorce and looking towards you as the saviour.

One night stand , sex is also wrong with engaged people but many people don't let go of such oppurtinites ( depends on individual to individual or special cases where a partner can't satisfy sexually).

If that did happen, why would you still want to be with that person?

If the girl did leave the guy, you can't really get upset if she does the same thing to you because she has already proven what she'll do. Depends on how well their significant other treats them IMO.

If your "dreams" are to break up a committed relationship that is in the midst of becoming a married one, then you need to get your priorities in order.

I think it's selfishness on your part with total disregard for her and her man's feelings. It's one thing to have her in the back of your mind, waiting for them to break up, maybe even encouraging her to end it.On the other hand, if she isn't happy and thinking about cheating then that relationship is already in trouble, whether it is you or somebody else.One thing I would tell a guy doing what you are suggesting to consider is if she is willing to leave her current man for you then what is stopping her from leaving you for another man in the future when she is bored with you?If they are in a crap relationship and being mistreated and you show her/him how it's done then they might opt to ending their current relationship to pursue someone who would treat them right.It's all in the details that make it either morally right or wrong. On a further note if he/she would cheat on their significant other with you then they would probably cheat on you with someone else as well.If it was your girl and some guy keeps trying to be with her, how would you feel?

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