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The ability to mount scopes gives it a variable range based on the user's choice of optical sights, and the ability to attach a suppressor gives it stealth capability.

It can be fitted with one of several different optical sights, a suppressor, an extended magazine, and one of several paint schemes.

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As all Rebels and Royal Army Assaulters and Defenders use the AK-47 as their main weapon throughout the game, it can be obtained very easily.

In the cutscene after Willis pushes Ajay out of the plane, the Royal Guard Charger can be seen holding an AK-47 in his hands and uses it to knock Ajay out with the rifle butt. The Warrior is the Signature version of the AK-47 with a custom paint job, an extended magazine, a red dot sight and a suppressor. While a good weapon for AK fans, and with better performance in combat than the base model counterpart, it is surpassed by other weapons unlocked later in the game, and is a direct downgrade from the signature variant of the P416.

The AK has the best reliability of all the assault rifles, and can be used for a very long time before it starts to rust, jam and eventually break apart.

Until the FAL paratrooper or the AR-16 are available, the AK-47 can be a more powerful, reliable, but still cheap alternative to the G3KA4.

— In-Game Description Far Cry 5 The modernized variant, the AK-M appears in Far Cry 5.

Statistically identical to the AK-47, the AK-M appears as a version that has been fitted with mostly polymer hardware over the original wood and vintage parts.

There are eight Golden AK-47 rifles hidden throughout the game world; four in Leboa-Sako, and four in Bowa-Seko.

— In-Game Description Far Cry 3 The AK-47 returns in Far Cry 3 as an assault rifle, and becomes available for free after deactivating 2 Radio Towers.

However, there is less reason to use the AK-47 once the P416 and ACE become available after reaching the Southern Island.

Despite this, its lower rate of fire makes it easier to manage ammunition, enabling longer activities and engagements in the field before needing to resupply.

They have the same stats as the regular AK-47 except for reliability; they degrade much more slowly and rarely jam.

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