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Furthermore, onlookers reported that the rumored lovebirds went to see "Avengers: Infinity War" on April 27 and 29 in Los Angeles.

They also attended the City Year Los Angeles event at the Sony Pictures Studios on April 28 in addition to being spotted together at In-N-Out.

Teenage heartthrob and rapper Matty B has pretty much won everyone over with his voice and charm. He asked her mom if he could ask Kate out and they dated for a year!

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Matty BRaps attended homecoming and posted an Instagram picture with his date, Kate Cadogan. Outside of her friendship with Matty B, Kate is a cheerleader at her high school and has a twin brother named Jack.

(Just a warning – it's pretty sweet.) But here's the real question: what's going on between them? Hopefully, we'll learn more about her as #Katty B comes back in full force, just because the two of them are too cute not to obsess over.

When he told Tony, his usually distant attitude became a brash overprotectiveness, not even letting Peter going alone to the forest.

Is Tony’s unusual protectiveness only because Peter is between the range of the victims? Do these boys share something more than the fact they are teenagers?

Are those events tied to Peter’s childhood and Ben and May’s accident?

Will Peter discover the truth before he becomes another victim?

Still, the one girl who's consistently stayed in Matty B's life is Kate. Even if they're just friends, it sounds like they're always there for each other. "It is the Ariana Grande," he says in the video before winking at the camera. It's been three years and there's no evidence on the internet that Matty B ever met his crush IRL.

In 2014, Matty uploaded a Q&A where he tells the world who he has a crush on. (For the record, she's currently dating Mac Miller.) Safe to say, he's been a little busy with his flourishing music career.

Plus, it seems like he might have a new love interest.

No matter the status of their relationship, Matty B and Kate looked like they had an amazing time at homecoming.

Fighting alongside your dad and your best friend is hard, but when you fall for a certain spider, it just might get a little harder. After May and Ben died in a car crash, he had to move with his godfather Tony Stark, who lived in Eliozondo, in the centre of a valley in Spain.

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