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However, for my peace of mind, and safe use of early Colt Single Actions, I prefer a little more leeway sticking with 20th-century sixguns for smokeless powder use. One might consider me as being too careful, however these old sixguns are too valuable not to be.For my use with these old Colt and Smith & Wesson single action and double action sixguns, this means only black powder or black powder substitutes.

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Model 22A discontinued " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ Smith & Wesson has not released an official statement on why the guns were discontinued, and the spokesperson stated he had no information on whether the company will ever bring back the guns. fit=600,362" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-27145" src="data:image/gif;base64, R0l GODlh AQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw==" data-src=" alt="22A Discontinued" width="640" height="386" srcset="https://i2com/ Almost perversely, the company that is modernizing its product line does offer 1911 pistols.

fit=600,379" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-27146" src="data:image/gif;base64, R0l GODlh AQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw==" data-src=" alt="Model 22A discontinued" width="640" height="404" srcset="https://i1com/ I have since been able to confirm with a company spokesperson that the gun is now officially history. Third generation autoloaders, typified by classics like the 59, have long since passed. For semi-automatic pistols, the company is focused on polymer frame handguns like the M&P and SD series, while the wheelgun category has been significantly trimmed back as compared to where it was decades ago.

A lot of people like these guns, but they are not even remotely similar to the 22A. resize=600,372 600w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" / The Model 22A had been available in a variety of configurations prior to being discontinued.

Between the two pistols, I’d take the 22A every day. The basic all black model could be had with a number of different barrel lengths including 4″, 5.5″ and 7″.

Not only does this little booklet give loading data for most of the Frontier cartridges, it also provides pressure information for both Pyrodex P and Triple Seven, and all black powder cartridges are assembled by using a volume powder measure not by weighing charges.

For example, when the chart calls for 30 grains it means the using of a volume measure set at 30 grains NOT weighing out 30 grains on a powder scale.The Model 22A was a sub-0 pistol (street price) that, in my experience, shot exceptionally well.The only choice left for inexpensive rimfire shooting from Smith & Wesson are the M&P22 pistols.A 165,000 range has been considered by most Single Action collectors, and writers, to be the beginning of Colts smokeless powder SA production.We could possibly conclude from this the #180,000 of 1898 began the smokeless powder sixguns.There are two major differences with these two black powder substitutes, and these are very important differences.

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