Dating a psychopath signs

3) Sociopaths naturally cause a lot of unresolved anger in the target.

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But blame breeds resentment, which leads to all sorts of other personality transformations: grandiosity, paranoia, black & white thinking, etc.

As we learn to release old betrayals (through acceptance, indifference, forgiveness, or whatever works best for you), our hearts start to open again, and we discover the deep pain that lives under the anger.

This naturally attracts people on the same path, who are beginning to dabble in vulnerability, rather than reactivity. Long after the abuse has ended, there are likely old beliefs of "not enough" or "unlovable" sitting under the surface.

This is why survivors unknowingly keep trying harder and harder in their lives—accomplishing, people-pleasing, and proving themselves.

2) Narcissistic abuse takes a huge toll on a person's self worth.

Deep feelings of inadequacy and rejection cause the survivor to desperately seek out support and validation.The decision making of people who fit the definition of psychopathy is very different from yours or mine.They can decide to do things that we would never do.This idea is practically impossible for most normal people to understand.And this is what makes the psychopath so dangerous and why it is often difficult to recognize a psychopath.In the immediate aftermath, this naturally attracts people who prey on vulnerable populations (this can happen online, with controlling friends, and even in spiritual communities).

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