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Then you can later backfill from these tendrils, and extend your comfort zone; this is much easier to do than learning "forwards". There can be a temptation to learn lots of fancy words and to use them in fancy sentences without being able to say precisely what you mean.

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Learning to get information out of research seminars is an acquired skill, usually acquired much later than the skill of reading mathematics. Do I have a small example of the phenonenon under discussion?

You may think it isn't helpful to go to a seminar where you understand just 5% of what the speaker says, and may want to wait until you are closer to 100%; but no one is anywhere near 100% (even the speaker! At the end of the talk, you should try to answer the questions: What question(s) is the speaker trying to answer? You can even scribble down these questions at the start of the talk, and jot down answers to them during the talk.

) is a worthwhile exercise, and can focus the mind.

Here's a phenomenon I was surprised to find: you'll go to talks, and hear various words, whose definitions you're not so sure about.

Over the next few years, I may take on a few additional Ph. students, although times may come when I'll be too full (e.g. This page is intended for those considering working with me, although it also contains some tips for graduate students in general, as well as an idea of what I expect.

Algebraic geometry (or at least my take on it) is a technical subject that also requires a good deal of background in other subjects, as well as geometric intuition.

You can learn a lot about giving good talks by thinking about what makes bad talks bad.) Try to ask one question at as many seminars as possible, either during the talk, or privately afterwards.

The act of trying to formulating an interesting question (for you, not the speaker!

Mathematics isn't just about answering questions; even more so, it is about questions, and that skill is a difficult one to master.

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