datingsite in moritenia - Dating a persian jew

However, while archaeological provenance of these coins was insecure, the coin dealers “spoke of findspots south of Jerusalem,” he writes.

All told, in Israel to date there are 193 archaeologically provenanced coins which were minted locally throughout the Holy Land during the Persian era. The Yehud coins were minted during a rare period in which Jews semiautonomously ruled under the Persian Achaemenid Empire, from circa 539-332 BCE, in a province called Yehud Medinata.

With a capital in Jerusalem, Yehud Medinata existed for some 200 years until the conquest of Alexander the Great.

The designer of the film’s poster evidently agreed, avoiding more obvious symbols of Jewish identity (skull-cap, sidecurls, Star of David) in favor of a single dark, hook-nosed, fleshy face.

Indeed, the poster hardly needed the accompanying title.

The pair developed a system of “wet sifting” buckets of earth over mesh screens, and sorting the materials into categories such as glass, mosaic, metal, bone, clay, and stone.

Some 70 percent of the recovered dirt has been wet-sifted to date, primarily at the project’s previous headquarters in Emek Ha Tsurim, abutting the Mount of Olives.

“Coins of smaller value came from local mints, principally Gaza and Jerusalem.

These smaller local coins varied from 1 drachma (4 grams of silver) down to the smallest denomination, the hemiobol (1/3 gram of silver),” writes Meshorer.

But they’re easy to miss: The coins are only 7 millimeters in diameter and of an almost negligible weight.

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