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Vacations to all the best mountain towns All you have to do to on this carefree weekend away is spend an hour or so waiting in a feed zone with a water bottle while they race.

Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of other people nervously watching so they don’t miss when their racer/partner to flies past.

Why would joining the two things you love the most be a recipe for disaster?

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After a week cooped up in the office, your partner will be out of the house at dawn, leaving you to enjoy your weekend at a more casual pace. Because Saturday’s are, depending on who’s sitting across from you, ferda boys or ferda girls.

“Just a short ride” should have them back at, or around sundown.

However, relationships can be made and broken on the trails.

This has a particularly higher probability if you are a veteran mountain biker introducing a newbie to the sport.

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day: the most romantic day of the year.

If you’re sitting across a candle-lit table from someone who has already talked about suspension settings twice, before the free bread arrived, or if you’re wondering which way to swipe on that posed “bike on a mountain in #nature” Tinder profile picture, here’s five reasons you should say yes to the bike this Valentine’s Day.Check 'em out: SINGLETRACK RIDES: for passionate mountain bikers and adventurers WOMEN'S RIDES: no dudes allowed!EXPLORER RIDES: for beginner mountain bikers BRING-YOUR-PARTNER RIDES: for passionate mountain bikers with partners who don't ride *No.Sure, sports teams can cause a house to be divided. How is it possible for one to be so madly in love with mountain biking and the other think it’s the ?I have seen many relationships strained from long-time mountain bikers trying to get their significant other (SO) to take up the hobby.You may find yourself practicing track stands and jumping over large rock features just to keep your sanity and have fun.

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