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Because a person with bipolar disorder can frequently go through episodes, some of which are not as outwardly positive as mania can be, you will learn how to adapt quickly to changing situations.

This will make you a better person because you will not only learn how to work well with changing environments but also how to work well with diverse units of people.

I must insert that by no means do I believe that bipolar disorder is a negative diagnosis; I am extremely proud of my diagnosis and would choose to be diagnosed as such if it was a choice.

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Now 23, Jasper is on a mission to provide mentorship to students, parents, and adults as they navigate through difficult processes such as being diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

By living authentically and speaking with transparency, he seeks to motivate others to live in their truth.

Yet, this is only viewing these characteristics as negatives when in fact they could be turned into positives.

Caring for some with bipolar disorder has its benefits.

Through witnessing the hurt a person with bipolar disorder encounters on a near daily basis, you will become more grateful of your life.

As a loved one, you will not only be grateful for your health but also grateful for the times in which your loved one is in health.

Not only will you learn to love the present more, you will also learn how to be in the present more.

In a world that is overrun by cellphones and other technology, we have lost the ability to remain in the present.

There is no doubt that individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder can often be difficult to interact with.

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