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In anticipation of your impending familial obligations to the rituals surrounding death, I am carbon-copying your adviser on this email and requesting that they help you drop this course.By the way, you should not have tried to friend me on Facebook because your profile is public and pictures of you partying while attending to your sick grandma have framed your commitment to our unimportant course!Sending me an email in a month and showing for make-up on last day of semester would not be timely. I know this because I can tell from the way you half-attend class—and nod off during the times when you actually do attend class—that it is just a matter of time before you start killing off some member of your family, most likely your granny, in a lame attempt to gain my sympathy so I will give you extra time to work on an assignment you are still going to fail anyway. And to be honest, the way my luck has gone this semester, I probably have already taught your mother and/or your father, and if DNA is any indicator, they most likely “killed off” your granny years ago.

So I decided to ask a handful of professors to craft responses: Let’s say you get a note from a student who you’re pretty sure is making up a story about a dead grandmother. But a bunch of them treated the request as a chance, finally, to compose the snarky messages that they’d long fantasized about sending. You might get some useful ideas here, but you’ll definitely get to see some high-quality venting. Please note that, as articulated in my well-developed, color-coded syllabus, I am not here for make-up assignments, late work, or extra credit. But when I am teaching almost 200 students a semester across three different kinds of courses at three different levels, I can't make allowances for those kinds of things.

I know what you are thinking—I am trying to make your life difficult.

After collecting data for 20 years, Adams concluded that a student’s grandmother was far more likely to die before midterms than at any other time of the year.

More specifically, his research showed that grandmothers are 10 times more likely to die before a midterm, and 19 times more likely to die before a final exam.

Even though she has had her share of suspicious death excuses, Guerrero says, she’s seen plenty of real, unexpected deaths too. “Death is traumatic, and no one knows how to handle it perfectly, so maybe the student’s delivery of the excuse only sounds suspect because she’s traumatized and doing the best she can,” she says.

“Even unengaged and failing students have family members who die.

Do you really want to be professor who asks for ‘proof’ of a death?

” But for many teaching graduate students, junior faculty, and even seasoned professors who aren’t quite so accommodating, responding appropriately to these student missives can be tricky. A few professors sent me samples of messages they’d sent to students in the past.

And besides, some professors have reported instances in which students submitted fake obituaries crafted on their computers.

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