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Online shops offers: Fragrance 2 items for 9.74 - 21.44 USDFragrance UK 2 items for 10.04 - 22.57 GBPPerfume Click 1 product for 10.65 GBPFragrance 2 items for 13.21 - 29.69 USDFragrancedirect 1 product for 19.95 uk 2 items for 32.07 - 38.99 1 product for 45.60 GBPBeauty Expert 1 product for 57.00 1 product for 57.00 1 product for 57.00 GBPMankind 1 product for 57.00 GBPView products...Calvin Klein launched the famous feminine perfume Obsession in 1985. The first men's version, Obsession for Men, was introduced a year after the original.If you want a flanker to Obsession for Men that smells close to it but different enough, this does work for that but make sure you don't own either fragrance that I mentioned with distinct fir notes.

Short response, if you don't like Obsession for Men, you'll most likely not like Dark Obsession too.

The scent of Dark Obsession is a throwback to the 1980's when a lot of men's fragrances had fir in them such as Drakkar Noir and Passion. There are less notes and they are mostly noticeable except labdanum and the wormwood being the two i don't really notice at all. I would like to note that I do not see I anyway this smells like LIDG EDT at all.

Other editions include feminine Obsession Sheer from 2002, Obsession Night for women and for men from 2005 and Secret Obsession for women from 2008.

Calvin Klein presents Dark Obsession, a new masculine addition to the collection, in early 2013.

I always thought Passion was similar to Obsession for Men so this means that Dark Obsession is a less complex flanker to the original Obsession for Men.

I don't like Obsession and Dark Obsession is pretty much along those lines.

what i do recommend to avoid at all prices is obsession night. of course a bit too one dimensional to really wear it for a long time or make it a signature frag, but for sure a cheap and fun way to spice some of your winter days up.

i picked that up on a supersale too quite a few years back, and it was a tired, old man, cloying smell, instead of compliments people would give you just a weird look with that one. A couple of days ago, I saw this perfume at a store for a very attractive price-- for a 200 ml. After serious consideration (at that price, I thought it was not original), I decided to take the risk and bring it home.

Upon dry down this fragrance exudes the aroma of a root beer float on a warm sunny day, and in no way am I saying that in negative context.

The wafts of rich vanilla creaminess is delightful. Definitely going to place this frag in my current rotation.

So sample first before you buy because I ended up with a 120ML bottle and it took me a long time to finish it.

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