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But I know it is a serious illness and I feel like he doesn't help himself a lot of the time.

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So, when bacteria enter our lungs, they tend to stick around forever whereas healthy people’s immune systems can fight them away.

The thick, sticky mucus that builds up in our lungs functions like silly puddy.

He suffers from depression/anxiety as well so he's a little all over the place right now.

He is 22 years old and got diagnosed with CF when he was a baby.

Plus, looking healthy rather than sickly is generally a good thing. Roses certainly evoke a much more lovely image than a life-threatening disease.

In fact, the nickname stuck so much that it is still used today and roses have become an unofficial symbol of CF.

You should not be intimidated by his diagnosis and do not let it change the way you see him. Don't dive too much into other's stories and stats.

Focus on whether or not you have the strength and willingness to move forward into a relationship that carries this much weight. If the relationship ends up not working for reasons unrelated to his health then you should follow the same advice that a person in a non-CF relationship would: do what you can to fix issues, get counseling, etc, but if that fails, don't stay together just because you feel sorry for him, or feel like he needs you from a health perspective. Like, I wouldn't dump him for any reason directly relating to his CF.

He has to go to hospital about twice a year for IV therapy (he stays for about 2 weeks at a time).

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