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In the same quarter of Prague there is a street called Charvatska street even today.Villages in Bohemia like Harvaci, Harvatska gorica reveal its early Croatian inhabitants.However, their romance ended quite quickly as the superstar footballer apparently believed Cordero was ‘using him for fame and attention’.

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GIRLFRIEND to Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez recently gave birth to the couple's first baby.

But how did she and Ronaldo meet and what do we know about the partner of the world's most famous football player?

Constantine Porphyrogenitus (905-959), a Byzantine emperor and writer, mentions the state bearing the name of White Croatia. Adalbert (Vojtech, 10th century) was a descendant of the White Croats, son of the White-Croatian prince Slavnik.

His description shows that it occupied a wide region around its capital Krakow, in parts of Bohemia, Slovakia, and Poland. He was spreading Christianity, education and culture, and to this end founded the benedictine monastery in Brevnov in 993. Ivan Hrvat, who died in Tetin in Bohemia in 910, was a son of White-Croatian King Gostumil.

One of the confluents to Don river near the region of Azov is called Horvatos (see [Pascenko], p. The Croatian name can be traced to different sites in Ukraine, also around Krakow in Poland, in Bohemia, and Austria, thus showing migrations of the Croatian tribes to their future homeland.

In the ``Bavarian geographon'' (written in 666-890) there is a description of various tribes in the north of Karpatian and and Sudetian mountains, where the Croats are also mentioned.

THE couple appeared to start dating a few months after Ronaldo was caught cuddling up to fitness model Cassandre Davis in August 2016.

And, in September that year, it was rumoured Ronaldo had moved onto dating former Miss Spain Desire Cordero.

Although Croatia developed under the impact of many different cultures - Greek, Roman, Celtic, Illyrian, Austrian, Hungarian, Byzantine, Islamic - it gave its own and unique imprint to the history of European civilization. The earliest mention of the Croatian name as Horovathos can be traced on two stone inscriptions in Greek language and script, dating from around the year 200, found by the Black Sea (more precisely in the seaport Tanais on the Azov sea, Krim).

Both tablets are held in the Archeological museum in St Petersburg, Russia.

It's believed the Spanish beauty caught the eye of Cristiano Ronaldo in the VIP area of a Dolce & Gabbana event.

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