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It’s interesting that FDR had some connection with gold and silver the last time Uranus entered Taurus.

Is this a coincidence, or what happened during the previous cycle?

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Her own widespread popularity made a quantum leap when she was featured on Oprah’s and Dr. Soon after, her publishing house began attracting New Age talent, pulling them away from the larger publishing houses in New York.

That transformative phase was only one of many such shifts in her life path, and one that astrologers generally attribute to Pluto.

The notion that one can enhance their SR prospects by being at a particularly lucky place during the SR After watching the film, I looked up the charts of Ted Kennedy, his wife Joan, and Mary Jo Kopechne (the passenger who drown -- actually, she suffocated -- in his car on that fateful night of July 18, 1969). Just curious: is there a degree of orb associated with the upcoming Uranus into Taurus. There’s an old astro-proverb that says Mars arrives ahead of time, Uranus on time, and Saturn is late.

What's really interesting is that ALL THREE OF THEM HAD THE PROGRESSED MOON CONJUNCT SATURN! This refers to when the influence manifests, and Uranus is unusual in that it’s most evident when the aspect is exact.

Yet according to Louise Hay, whose New Age book “You Can Heal Your Life” has sold 50 million copies, medical maladies are a result of negative thinking. The key to her philosophy is that the power of thought can change your life, which she re-phrased in many memorable affirmations.

From the list of “101 Best Louise Hay Affirmations of All Time” on louisehay.com, we find these examples: In a 2008 article in The New York Times Magazine, Louise Hay was referred to as the Queen of the New Age, due in large part to her founding Hay House and promoting its many psychics, channelers, and self-help gurus.

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I want to hope it means that the current gangster element in politics is over. It’s an analysis of ten presidents and how the Part of Fortune is a key indicator in their elections and general good or bad fortunes.

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