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These are good questions to ask, and I think some of what Harris recommends may prove helpful.

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That's the sort of about-face Christ died to make possible.

You won't find descriptions of "courtship" or "dating" anywhere in Scripture, but God's Word does give clear instruction for relating to members of the opposite sex.

I applaud Harris' book and recommend it to tweens and teens, but once someone is of marrying age, I suggest Scott Croft's Biblical Dating series.

Rather than choose between courtship or dating (both of which have useful elements), this hybrid distinguishes between dating.

I don't necessarily regret dating these men; however, I definitely made mistakes in both relationships and feel convicted about not making those same mistakes again.

I recently finished Candice Watters' book , which was a definite eye opener and showed me some areas in my life in which I want to prayerfully improve and grow.

Once you are restored comes the challenge of walking in obedience.

The power to do that comes from the Holy Spirit, not a shift from .

One could just as readily see the need to distinguish between worldly courting (many cultures still practice parent-directed matchmaking) and biblical courting.

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