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Cougars are gorgeous, wonderful creatures - sleek, strong, in control of their environment. "When you're older, you're supposed to give it up and sit in a rocking chair and knit," Gibson said.

"Society discarded older women at a certain point because they couldn't procreate.

"I enjoy my life and I want to enhance it," Lee said.

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I think a lot of people in the Bay Area are like me, busy, with hobbies and without a lot of time to go out." The term "cougar" is believed to have originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, bars as a derogatory term, according to Valerie Gibson, a Toronto journalist and author of "Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men," (Key Porter Books, 2001). ' " Gibson recalled in a phone interview last week.

"Even though it meant an older woman drunk in a bar grabbing at a young man, I said, 'That's a great name. ' " Whether it has been Hollywood's influence, the influence of her book hitting the media or a slow societal shift as women have become more financially successful and independent, women have taken control of their sexuality by leaps and bounds during the seven years since her book came out, Gibson believes.

Men tossed them aside, called them 'mutton dressed up as lamb,' or 'old and foolish,' " she said.

"Today, women are doing the choosing and the dumping in their sexual lives.

"Cougars are more interesting than bimbos you can meet in bars," he said, unapologetically.

"The men their age are out of shape, bald and need Viagra.

They're interested in good sex and living their lives the way they want to.

They are taking the reins of the relationship, turning it upside down." Gosse, founder of the dating society, which organizes events on six continents (and can be found at ), is also the author of several books on dating, including "You Can Hurry Love." He said he knows from experience that dating older women can be pleasurable, and he is trying to create a cultural shift.

He had gone to the bar to watch football after work. and at 7, I found myself surrounded by attractive women wearing name tags who are extremely friendly - unlike a typical meat market, where they're overly pretentious and unfriendly," he said. It's all about having a good time." Turning to a reporter, he added, with a smile, "I never thought this would happen tonight." Across the room, Eugene Leeung, 26, a software engineer from Berkeley, who considered himself dressed up in a T-shirt and jeans, said he liked dating older women. "It depends," said Garrett, who slipped away from the bar with someone she met so they could grab a bite of food in the dining room. Follow links to "Singles Guide to the Bay Area." The group also sponsors 150 parties a year.

"It's however it works out - except if they're too young, like under 30. The event, open to single women of all ages and men who would like to date them, is sponsored by the Society of Single Professionals. For information, go to Hollywood often paves the way where trends are concerned, with real life catching up later.

He started his singles society - which has no religious affiliation - at the Unitarian Church in San Rafael in 1978.

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