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We also intend to open a Current Account so as to keep safe our monies and check the cash inflow and outflows, as well as doing monthly audits as well as assessments of the project, one of the The Supervisors has experience in Poultry Management and the other in Human Resources Management, we really have the confidence that the project will be effectively supervised and managed. G Muyambo who is the owner of Nyakamba Farm and has great knowledge in poultry production, will assist in thus project. Background and Start up Summary According to the recently published statistics from the Government, about 87.5% of youths in Zimbabwe are Unemployed and dependant on elderly people.

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Our chickens will be branded and this will occur when we start making positive returns or profits.

We are at UBC YF project we want to ensure both Customer and Supplier satisfaction, and we would ensure that there will be a decreased number of unemployment rates of youth in Manicaland and Zimbabwe as whole, and this will move a long way in alleviating poverty and decrease cases of youth engaging in to anti-social practices within youth members Our customers will be local residents of Mutare, Manicaland, Non Governmental Organisations (Windows of Hope, Pro-Active against Aids Trust and Governmental Organisations, Mission Schools, Secondary and Primary Boarding, Football Clubs (Mutare United), Restaurant and Hotels owners, United Baptist Church of Zimbabwe, Butcheries etc We have ready suppliers who will be supplying us with the required inputs and raw of suppliers who have confirmed to supply us include Bhafaloe Hardware, Mankep Hardware, Farm-Co, Bafs Hardware, Agri-Foods, GMB, Premier Company, Pulmcob Enterprises and other company who are promising to work with us.

UNITED BAPTIST CHURCH YOUTH FELLOWSHIP NYAKAMBA POUTRY PROJECT PROPOSAL APRIL 2010 [email protected]@[email protected] 1. Contact Details/ Postal Address : National Youth Executive Treasurer Content Makumbe 100 Third Street, Mutare 9. Total Cost of Project : USD 1650 Owners Equity : USD 0 Loan Required USD 1650 11.

Telephone ( Business) : 263 913 765 198,0912 551 432,0914 307221 8.

According to the research carried by the project supervisors, many people in Zimbabwe due to electricity shedding and power cuts opt to take and cook chicken as relish for their meals than meat, because it gets ready easily and it does not consume lot of energy e.g. More so many existing companies of chickens do not serve smaller markets, and they do not advertise their products so that it would sound cheap to them, but we as United Baptist Church Youth Farm will try to take advantage of other producer’s weaknesses to penetrate into the market and make profit.

We are also targeting the historic 2010 World Cup, and we have planned to supply chickens to local hotels,lodges,and resturants.We also intend to fulfill organizational needs as well as get status in the country as youth.We will also assist the country in raising revenue through paying tax thus in the long run. Market Summary 3.1) Product and Services United Baptist Church Project will be selling Dressed and Un-dressed Chickens, Gizzards, Liver, Feet, head. We will be offering door-to-door services, and we will serve smaller markets, which are ignored by big companies.All the minimum legal requirements will be done, and we will plan to buy a shelf company.However, we have recently talked to the Managers of Bhafaloe Hardware, Mutare farm Suppliers, Farmco on the issue of supplying us with some inputs and they confirmed that they will constantly supply us with the inputs so that we can effectively run this poultry project.Our Fowl runs are currently located at Mr and Mrs Gwinyai Muyambo (our senior youth) farm in Nyakamba-Chimanimani area, and it will be on free basis.

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