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This should do all the tracks from the start of the first bar to he end of each individual track.

All Tracks as Audio Files will work, though audio files will all start at the beginning of the track, though they do finish when the audio finishes in that track.

I probably can figure this out on my own later - but I won't be at my computer w/Logic probably for another couple of hours. ) I really miss the consolidate feature in Live as well, you could highlight any area and consolidate into a region.

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you still have to either bounce with all processing bypassed, or create a blank bit of audio to paste where you want files to start/end and then merge/glue them together, and then rename all the files (in PT, by default it names them based on the channel name, no need to go through menus to do it or manually type it).i honestly cant figure out how logic's developers keep looking past this haha.

its so close to perfection, but they always seem to aim too high on new features and wind up neglecting the basic functionality/fixing bugs.

Each of these files is timestamped in Logic with the original region position, so, when you bring your new files into a new track, use the "Move Regions to Original Record Position" command and they will pop to their original locations.

Thanks a Million Triplets, Timothyallen, and Tarekeith,.. every time this topic comes up i am more and more convinced 90% of user here have no idea how pro tools handles this so, for the record, it works like this in PT- its like the merge tool, except it can create silent audio before/after regions too. you can select one track, 10 tracks, all tracks, and they will all become files of the user specified length when consolidated.

so they understand the task people are trying to accomplish.

yet they went so far on the overkill that they neglected to make a simple and fast way to do the job.

But in logic, you can't just extend an audio track. Set your region at the top to the full length of the song then bounce your tracks.

Another way is to go into export and bounce all tracks individually (not exact words, but you'll find it).

i will try these all of these options now and will let you all know how everything worked out for me. Don't forget also now in Logic 9 there is the bounce in place command which is GREAT for this.

Hackintosh i5 6600K 4.4ghz, La Cie External HD's, Logic X/9, OS 10.12.2.

David, it has always kinda been like this with Logic.

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