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You also reduce storage requirements by using only the media required to create and export the sequences in the project.

You can use this workflow to gather and copy a project’s source media files stored in various locations into a single location for easy sharing.

There is no conversion of files when the files are copied.

When collecting a project, you can specify whether the new project retains any of the unused clips from the original project.

The Project Manager lets you effectively manage media and projects, especially large projects with many clips and different media formats.

You can easily archive large projects by transcoding all relevant files in projects and sequences into an The Project Manager provides several options to consolidate relevant files into a mezzanine codec based on user-defined preferences.

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Hello every one I have 3 Sheet with each sheet is almost 5K row and 280 columns average , all the sheets have the same headers with different order , I need to consalidate all of them in one sheet yet i can't use vlook for ex due to different ordering any help ???Like oligopolies, duopolies, cartels, and other environments in which a few companies control all or a significant portion of an industry, consolidations alter the balance of power in an industry.Investors should carefully consider the ramifications that merger and acquisition (M&A) activity might have on the competitive landscape.Consolidation must be present to diagnose pneumonia: the signs of lobar pneumonia are characteristic and clinically referred to as consolidation. Collecting files copies the current project and all of its associated media files to a single storage location.Because the merged entities can merge existing operating structures and reduce any overlap, there is usually an opportunity to realize significant cost savings, as well as related revenue synergies.

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