Community adult chat rooms

They had selected a chat room in the user-generated chats, not an AOL sponsored chat.And they'd selected one that, just by the name, seemed more salacious than the others, with a title indicating the participants liked "older men." After showing us the special fake AOL and My Space profiles he was using, which presented him as a 14 year old girl named Mikaela, the agent entered the chat room.

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Too bad, there isn't a sewage treatment plant we could just flush these creeps in to.

Yahoo has agreed to shut down Internet chat rooms designed to promote sex between adults and children.

And within just a sentence or two, it was clear they were adult men looking for a minor female child to meet.

One man described himself as 55 years of age, married 25 years.

Open ended questions will help you to get more response from the other party.

"Thanks for participating in our live demo for the New York State Cybersecurity Conference" "huh? " "I mean, our chat was displayed on a big screen in front of 300 in a conference in Albany, NY" "bye" That was the end of just one of three live, simultaneous chat windows operated by an FBI agent and a police officer at yesterday's NYS Cybersecurity Awareness Conference.It is important that you ask open ended questions because that'll keep the conversation going.If you ask closed ended questions which has only a yes or no answer, it will not only make the conversation boring but it will also increase the possibility of ending the chat.Instead they look for repeat offenders, repetitive efforts to contact a child and they focus on criminals within their geographic jurisdiction.I have to admit, I don't know any 14 year old girls who would admit to visiting any chat rooms and certainly not one intended for an adult audience such as this one.Two of our perverts then sent pictures of themselves, one quite graphic.

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