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The event is open to the public, and one of our VIP guests will be Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), staunch supporter of gender equality and the essential message behind the Secret Life of Lady Liberty. Our talk will focus on how the Statue of Liberty is an Energizing Symbol, showing her used in political cartoons, in Hollywood disaster movies, and as a focal point of social protest movements. One of the most beautiful historic libraries in Baltimore hosted our talk on December 1st, 2016, on "The Secret Life of Lady Liberty". Thanks to them we had close to a hundred people turn out and enjoy birthday cake and baseball stories and snacks and participate in our silent auction and sales table where we raised even more money for the West Baltimore youth baseball leagues. we’ve done was with Shirley Maclaine on Independent Expression Radio.

Founded in 1898, the National Arts Club is located in the historic Samuel Tilden Mansion in Gramercy Park in New York City, and its membership has included many distinguished artists, composers, architects, and three U. When you see the Main Reading Room of the Bar Library of Mitchell Courthouse, you will want to become a subscribing member just to help this place stay afloat. Keeping alive the integrity and grit and resilience of the old Negro Baseball Leagues and inspiring that sportsmanship in a new generation. We highly recommend you support this worthy foundation. She says, "Robert Hieronimus has been a favorite of mine for a very long time.

Dick and others who have explored the metaphysical and the eerie. Last year we met up with Maryanne and her husband Robert M. Yes, there really is a Santa Claus and his name is Paul H. Brother Paul has returned to spirit but will as Benjamin Franklin said "like the cover of an old book, its contents torn out and stript of its lettering and gilding lies here, food for worms, but the work shall not be lost; for it will, as he believed appear once more in a new and more elegant edition revised and corrected by the author." Click here to read more. Thanks to the hard work of Michelle Freeman and her group of friends and family that pulled this off, we were able to honor our old friend, the Negro League legend, Leon Day, who finally made it into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995, just six days before he died.

We are truly honored to be invited by the prestigious National Arts Club in New York City to give a visual presentation of "The Secret Life of Lady Liberty" on December 20th, 2016 at 8 PM. Well, we had a GREAT time at the Leon Day 100th Birthday party on Saturday, October 29, at the Babe Ruth Museum. Thank you to the Baltimore Sun, and especially to Dan Rodricks for his column and podcast, and to Mary Mc Cauley for her terrific article in the Baltimore Sun, and to Karl Merton Ferron for his very touching video included as part of that article online.

She needs an organ transplant, and we here are supporting the fundraising campaign—please join us in making a donation. Small world of interconnectivity when we were interviewed last month (May 2016) for a documentary about our dear friend Ingo Swann.

Ingo was, of course, the legendary remote viewer who led the way in training the military how to do psychic spying, and he and I first crossed paths back in the early 1970s as I traveled the lecture circuit with my good buddy Christopher Bird, who was talking about the .

I think we may have even initiated Ingo into our secret brotherhood on one occasion. This full-color guidebook includes detailed images, commentary, and full interpretation of most of the symbolism in this iconic mural. Sir George Martin, Beatles producer, passed away in early March of 2016.

On March 20, we produced a two hour radio special made up of clips from the numerous times he had joined us as a guest on 21st Century Radio.

New York is the state located in the Mid-Atlantic region and has a total area of 54,520 sq. New York's five largest cities are New York City (NYC), Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers and Syracuse. People in NY are mostly African-American, Italian, Hispanics, Irish, German and Asian.

While the state is best known for the city's urban atmosphere, most of the state is dominated by mountains, farms, rivers, forests, and lakes. Known as immigration gateway to the United States, New York's population is so diverse.

Chris and I quickly had our fill of "New Age" conferences and began finding unusual ways to amuse ourselves.

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