delayed response online dating - Code for validating email in javascript

The second button however will only accept a single click and ignore all subsequent clicks.

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The whole purpose of the Javascript email validation should be to check for any unintentional error (like entering name instead of email).

I have a requirement to validate an email address entered when a user comes out from the textbox.

Most email validation checks assumes that the top level domain can have up to 4 characters. You have just validated the format – not its existence.

The only way to truly validate the email address is to send an email to that address and request the user to confirm by clicking on a unique link (or entering a confirmation code)Remember, if the user’s intention is to enter an invalid email address, she can do it so easily whether you have the most tough validation or not.

//reported to validate incorrectly: [email protected] as true /[A-Z0-9._% -] @[A-Z0-9-] .

Contact form of websites led user to communicate with website owners.I have googled for this but I got form validation JScript; I don't want form validation. I have written below JScript but "if email invalid it's not returning the same page". Any other kind of regex means you risk turning down completely valid e-mail addresses, other than that I agree with the answer provided by @Ben.A second click on the Submit button before the form has finished submitting will generate an alert message, and also disable the button preventing subsequent clicks.The difference from previous examples is the alert when the button is being disabled.In this example, you can click the first button as many times as you want.

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