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In either case, this artifact is the earliest known physical evidence for European contact in Samoa.

The Archaeological Newsletter (London), 3(10):154-159.

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Archaeologist Al Luckenbach, director of Maryland's Lost Towns Project, shows the author pipes and equipment found on a 1660s pipe maker's kiln site in Anne Arundel County.

His is the most important contribution made to the history of colonial American pipe making. 1733) Throughout Virginia's colonial centuries, tobacco was the economic lifeblood of the Old Dominion, and unless one rolled it to smoke as a cigar, or took it as snuff, a pipe was as necessary to its consumption as fire.

During that period there were few sources for Samoans to obtain imported kaolin tobacco pipes.

They might have been acquired either from the French who landed at A’asu in 1797, or they might have been obtained from itinerant whalers, who were known to frequent the coast prior to extensive contact with European missionaries after 1840. The Art and Archaeology of Clay Tobacco Pipes, Release A (CD-ROM).

In 1992, while searching for Sir Walter Ralegh's Lost Colony on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, excavators found fragments of aboriginal pipes smoked there by colonists in 15.

From this small beginning the taste for "drinking tobacco" was born.

Clay pipes were first developed in the early 17th century and were in use into the late 19th century.

A single pipe-bowl fragment was recovered from excavations at A’asu.

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