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Then Bob explained that sometimes people married and then divorced each other, and then married them again!

Jack and Carly snuggled in bed until Sage interrupted with a request for help finding her purple shirt.

She handed him legal papers that dissolved their BRO partnership, and Paul smiled and said he understood more than she knew, and he immediately signed the documents.

They toasted the future, and after Barbara and Henry had gone, Paul and Emily kissed on the couch and marveled at how well the evening had gone.

The boy was very excited, and Holden promised that he would have the lad back in time for dinner, as Lily smiled at how excited both of them were.

Bob continued his narration of how he had gotten to know many of the residents of Oakdale.

They finally got serious and talked about their dinner that evening with Paul and Emily.

Henry asked if Barbara thought they should share some of their recent decisions with them, and Barbara said that Paul would be upset by one of hers, no matter when they told him.

Janet said things had turned out exactly as they were supposed to.

In the Lakeview, Henry pulled the covers off his bed, expecting to find Barbara still asleep, but she was gone.

He began talking about the people of Oakdale in a time period of 30 days hence, and he began with Lily and Holden.

Holden arrived at Lily's with his fishing tackle, ready for a day at the pond with their son, Ethan.

A section devoted to As The World Turns, featuring daily recaps dating back to 1996, scoops and spoilers, Two Scoops commentary, character and actor biographies, message boards, contests, games, and the latest news from Oakdale, plus much more. Bob Hughes narrated the finale with a voiceover, beginning with how quiet life was in Memorial Hospital in the wee hours of the morning.

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