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Orton duck a Van Dam attack, leading to both men falling out of the ring. Neither man could gain control until Orton shoved Van Dam off the top rope and to ringside, with Van Dam banging into the barricade. (and to a lesser extent, Langston) counteract the generally terrible TV these segments make? [Commercial Break] - Miz was in the ring for Miz TV. The wrestlers went right in front of the RVD Superfan (who also had a Rob Van Dam sign), and RVD set up Orton right next to the guy and connected on his legdrop off the apron onto Orton, who was draped over the barricade. Orton then dropped Van Dam spine-first into the barricade.

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“Look at Orton just taking his time,” Cole remarked, to which JBL replied, “No wasted motion.” Do these guys even pay attention to what the other says? RVD missed the frog splash and Orton RKO’d him for the win. Tremendous match, with a really fun final few minutes.

Van Dam’s high-powered offense is just so unique, it helps set him apart from the rest of the roster.

Bryan connected on a jumping knee to the face outside the ring. “USA” chant now with Del Rio working over Christian. Del Rio ran into a corner boot and Christian dropkicked Del Rio from the middle rope. Killswitch countered into a back-stabber for a near-fall. Del Rio suckered Christian in with a headbutt to the gut, then sent him shoulder-first into the ring-post. Another surprise roll-up by Christian, and he was able to pin Del Rio. Once Christian got backstage, Damien Sandow ran out with his briefcase and a referee.

[Commercial Break] - Cole thanked Clinton Sparks, featuring 2 Chainz, Macklemore and D. Barrett retrieved the clippers, but Bryan fought them off. The fight over the clippers, and the finish of the match were replayed. He offered up a Sandow-ized briefcase that appeared to be made of leather. Sandow promised to become World Champion of the Unwashed Masses. and the JBL and Cole Show on WWE’s You Tube Channel. - Lesnar was shown more cutting a promo than being interviewed. Back in the ring, Christian and Del Rio exchanged hard kicks. Del Rio as sitting on the top rope, and Christian nailed him with a hurricanrana for two. He re-entered the ring and trash talked Christian, who then gave Del Rio the Killswitch.

Kaitlyn said she couldn’t wait to slap the crazy off A. Fandango took a breather after Kingston started his comeback.

Cole even reminded viewers what led to Kingston being on the shelf. He tried Trouble in Paradise early, and was back-dropped to ringside for his troubles. RVD fan tried to get a “USA” chant going for some reason. Fandango charged the corner and went shoulder-first into the ring post.

said Ziggler is out there because he’s not over her. She said Ziggler is upset that he’ll never be able to touch her again. Follow him on Twitter @gregmparks for live Tweeting during Raw, Impact, and PPVs, as well as other bits of wisdom.

Greg Parks has been covering WWE Smackdown for since January of 2007.

If you’re not going to catch the guy to sell it, I’m not sure that move is worth doing because there’s no other “good” way to take it. RKO was countered with a kick and a body-scissors pinning combination got two.

Orton surprised Van Dam with a unique back-breaker, pulling Van Dam off the second rope to do it, for a near-fall. Rolling Thunder in which Van Dam landed on his head on Orton’s mid-section.

She argued with Kofi, so he jumped over her and onto Fandango. Kofi showed remorse, which led to Fandango sending Kofi skull-first into the ring-post. Once the match began, the two brawled in the middle of the ring. After the match, Bray Wyatt cut a promo on the Titan Tron, from his rocking chair. Cole said there’s no word when or if Rodriguez will return from the injuries he suffered at the hands of Del Rio on Monday night. Christian took Del Rio down with a headlock take-over.

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