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”The lecture starts, and Jared forces himself to pay attention, but he keeps waiting for the voice in his head to start cracking jokes about how Jared has found himself a fag hag in college before he found himself a boyfriend. It’s kind of adorable how pathetically in love with Sophia Chad seems to be, but so far, almost two months into their lives at Texas Tech, Chad has yet to work up the balls to ask her out.

He’s had one date since starting college, and it was pretty much a disaster from the word go.

But the boy is older, and already in the second grade, and he tells Jared that there’s nothing to be scared about and how Jared will meet lots of new friends when he starts school and Jared smiles sadly.

Jared laughs so loudly other people in the cafeteria turn to look at them and he shakes his head.

“We’ve done nothing but talk for the last fourteen years, don’t you think it’s time we did something else?

He’s known her since middle school and the whole thing feels kind of awkward, but he tells himself it’s what guys are supposed to do in high school and just goes with it.

The man tries to tell him about the campus, about where to eat and where to get coffee that doesn’t taste like sludge, but Jared’s not really listening.

The boy tells Jared that he wants to major in sports medicine and Jared rolls his eyes, because the boy has talked about doing nothing else since he broke his arm and leg that spring when Jared was seven and had to suffer through physical therapy for months.

During Jared’s senior year of high school, he dates a girl called|1280|27739|129363037758069000acesse este link[/VIEW_LINK] Se você não deseja mais receber nossos e-mails, cancele sua inscrição através do link id=27739|1280|0&uid=129363037758069000 Caso não visualize esse email adequadamente VIEW_LINK He tells him that the freshman dorms are a little on the shabby side, but not too bad, but all Jared can do is frown, because it all sounds so real.Jared has never been to Texas Tech, didn’t even go to check it out before he signed his acceptance letter because he’s known since he was fourteen that he wasn’t going to go anywhere but Texas Tech, and seeing the campus was not going to change his mind, or make him any surer.I think I’m a little old to be talking to people in my head.”Jared shrugs again. My parents said he was acting out because he was jealous of me and my sister.” Jeff is almost six years older than Jared.

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