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The economic depression of 1907 soured the aspirations of the small but growing middle class and brought financial disaster to the newest members of the upper class (Ramón Ruiz, Triumphs and Tragedy, pp. Though he was able to manipulate his reelection in 1910, opposition to the Díaz regime was strong, and when small rebellions began to proliferate in the northern states of the nation, he resigned his post in 1911 and left the country.

After Francisco Madero, the newly elected president, failed to define an agenda to satisfy the several disparate groups in Mexico, he likewise agreed to self-exile but was assassinated by supporters of General Victoriano de la Huerta, the man who next assumed national leadership.

Bobcat Spirit: Texas State University, is the fourth largest university in the state with more than 38,849 students as of August 2016. The university participates in Division I of the Sun Belt Conference (FBS in football).

Join us at a game and help celebrate our Bobcat Pride.

Dynamic growth brought relative prosperity to many economic sectors of various regions of the country, complemented by increased levels of employment.

As the century ended, however, a vast majority of the nations's inhabitants had realized little if any improvement in their standard of living.

A Walk In the Park: 1200 Acres - includes miles of hike and bike trails, children's park, skatepark, dog park, and beautiful public access river frontage.

Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude: San Marcos is in the perfect location with a latitude reading of 29 degrees and 53 minutes North and longitude of 97 degrees and 56 minutes West! So no matter where you are, you won’t have far to go. Conveniently located in Central Texas between Austin and San Antonio, San Marcos truly is in the center of everything.617 IH 35 North San Marcos, TX 78666(512) 393-5930Send Email Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. An underwater archeological dig in Spring Lake at the Headwaters of the San Marcos River uncovered artifacts dating back to the Clovis Indians, the oldest known inhabitants of the western hemisphere. San Marcos has been a favorite destination for more than 12,000 years.An unequal distribution of land and wealth developed and, as the nation grew in numbers, the disproportion between the rich and poor continued to increase, as did a sense of social unrest among the most neglected of its populace.

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