Cheap portraits for dating sites

Session includes 1 file retouched and fixed up as needed.

So it depends on what the usage is for, some who come in for dating web sites and such get a studio dress up type session and another session outdoors that captures their fun self.

Same goes for business cards, resumes, online dating sites because you are judged on your photo in the first few seconds.

What kind of image is your professional profile picture projecting? In the current free agent business and job market your professional portraits and head shots are more important than ever.

You are your own brand, your own company, and since your social media profile photos are the first impression of clients and business contacts, a professionally done portrait needs to be a top priority.

Pictures are picked out at the time of your session.

We set up at Antioch Park or location in the Overland Park area. The regular price session is $99 and I would take around 20 pictures.

Includes all the digital picture files from your Quick and Easy Headshots 5-15 minute 1 outfit Session.

Usually 10-20 to choose from and 1 retouched picture file.

We won’t attempt to make you look like a 16 year old by using a bunch of fake Photoshop techniques, we keep it real and professional.

Can be used for senior portraits, model portfolio, headshots, business or social media profile pictures, resume, online dating profile pictures, special occasion, pretty much any individual type needs. At your location you can view and order pictures right then or we can put them online for you to choose from.

I would highly recommend Jay especially for people inexperienced with taking professional photos and headshots. He knew how to make me feel comfortable in front of the lens from the very beginning and get the best out of my expressions for the shots.

I've done a few shoots and he definitely got the best out of me.

Job resume pictures, portraits, college senior job pictures portraits.

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