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It was estimated that three weeks after the launch, Bauer was printing 1.2m copies and selling about 680,000 of them.

The launch editor was Dennis Neeld and it cost 29p for 52 pages.

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In an example of niche marketing, IPC has described women's weeklies in recent years as split into four types: , a women’s lifestyle website covering practical advice on family life, was launched by IPC in 2007 for mainstream women aged 18 to 45.

It carries articles on cooking, money, family and health. As part of the launch, 2 million copies were put through doors, mainly in London.

It used a German-influenced colour tabloid newspaper format with an initial print run of 1.2m copies and advertising base rates based on 750,000 sales. The launch drew on experience from the German market. 28 Sept 2002- Celebrity weekly with television listings.

ITP signed a five-year contract enabling it to draw on Axel Springer's experience with is a standard weekly format and the target market is ‘mums and housewives’ with real-life stories, prizes, puzzles, polls, fashion, TV news and crime stories. 'Chat Passion' is the overall name for monthly spin-offs including eight ‘seasonal' and five ‘best of' issues. The main cover line for the first issue was about Kate Winslett (why she may never marry lover Sam Mendes); George Clooney and true life stories.

I put some things in the basket like the essential clean by both shops. I've just spent ages looking at every Dermalogica site claiming to be the cheapest.

There cheapest was by quite a way and free postage ! It pays to look about I wouldn't buy from Look Fantastic especially if you are overseas.So i look all this sites to find myself chepear price. A lot of sitse had higher prices to begin with and then they would put discount.So some products are cheper on one site and other product is cheaper on other.Second issue had Catherine Zeta-Jones as the main image alongside: 'Liz Hurley: What she really eats'.It cost £1 for 100 pages with Ian Birch as editor-in-chief and Jane Johnson as editor.Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related.

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