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Most organizations do not realize they have a problem with database backups until they need to restore the data and find it’s not there or not in the form that they were expecting.

The designated administrator managing the database environments must be prepared for situations where any failure may cause an impact to the availability, integrity, or usability of a database or application.

The market demands are high and the pay is good for both.

And, each allow you to progress and add additional responsibilities.

Read the Blog Cluster Control follows some best practices to perform backups using mysqldump or Percona xtrabackup.

Although these work for the majority of database workloads, you might still want to customize your backups. Read the Blog Whether you use unbreakable private data centers or public cloud platforms, Disaster Recovery (DR) is indeed a key issue.

Read the Blog Taking backups is one of the most important tasks of a DBA - it is crucial to the availability and integrity of the data.

Part of our Become a Postgre SQL DBA series, this blog post covers some of the backup methods you can use with Postgre SQL.

“My SQL Tutorial - Backup Tips for My SQL, Maria DB & Galera Cluster” and “Become a My SQL DBA - Deciding on a Relevant Backup Solution.” Each of these webinars offer tips and best practices on building a backup plan and summarize much of the content that is available throughout our website.

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