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I had ventured out and found a crossdresser shop on my own. "Everyone, please meet my new wife, Charlotte." She continued, "I am not a lesbian, but she looks good enough to eat." The guys looked and smiled. They both had enormous cocks and were fucking some fantastic women. Dan and Hugh were still in their street clothes having apparently just gotten there themselves. I know she misses your big cock and quite frankly, I was mesmerized by it when I saw it myself. She is a special lady and has helped me become more comfortable with myself. We had more drinks and watched as Chris removed Dan's briefs.

I engulfed one and then the other getting a full mouthful of ball each time.

I was thankful that his whole pubic area including his balls was hairless. Karen reached an orgasm quickly which I am sure was due to the size and girth of his cock stimulating her clitoris.

I was boiling inside thinking about Karen taking me up on my offer to let Hugh, her ex- lover, fuck her. She had said, "We will see." I knew she wanted to fuck him. Karen had been content to have me service her and her friend, Sally, orally. She was wearing a sexy navy dress with plunging neckline and no bra. I knew she had on stockings and I imagined a garter belt and maybe a thong. It was sheer and revealing similar to the flesh colored one she had worn the evening before. I think as horny as all the women were, they could have fucked a stable full of men all evening. I think you might want to give us a hand getting started." With that she removed her dress. If I sucked a cock because my wife instructed me, it was another. After removing his pants, shoes, shirt and socks, I gently grasped the band of his briefs and slowly pull them down his legs until he could step out of them. I held my breath as I touched the soft forbidden skin of another man. To Karen and me it was foreplay for our mutual satisfaction. As he reclined back on the couch, I held firm to the middle of his cock. I wondered if she got more sensation from me kneeling in front of a handsome man with a huge cock or from the man and the cock. It was much like my own, but this being the first time I had tasted another cock, it was all the more erotic.

My excitement brushed aside any hesitation and I was getting in more deeply just by showing up in my new clothes and makeover. She first thought that another girl was crashing their party. She wore a red thong under the sheer white toned transparent gown. As Dan sipped his drink, Sally and Jill got rid of their panties and treated everyone to some hot girl on girl action. They embraced in a tight sixty-nine and proceeded to eat each other's pussy until they both came violently. She wore no panties, but did have on a sexy black garter belt to go with her back stockings. They had Cuban heels and toes and a heavy seam up the back. "Dear Charlotte, I think I am way beyond wet, but Hugh might need some attention." There it was. Whether or not I received pleasure from sucking his cock was totally a sideshow from the act in front of my wife. My hands were shaking and my breath coming in short rasps. Karen was slowly massaging her vaginal lips as she leaked her own lubricant onto her probing fingers. It was massive and I had to open wide to get it in. The long lashes and heavy mascara must surely be in jeopardy.

Kelly Skyline is a dream for all school boys and I wish she would have been at my school when I was a kid.

Here she is in the locker room sucking on a big hard cock and getting her tight pussy punished by Derrick Pierce.Tammy had loaned me her feminine overcoat for the cab ride. " "Actually, Karen does not know." "Well she will now." Sally exclaimed. She took over and feasted on the ten incher until Dan was near cumming. After hearing about Chris' submission to Sally and then actually seeing him clean up a big cock the evening before, I knew that the thought did not disgust me. I was in such a heat that those thoughts had not taken over my brain yet. That was something she had been missing and I was totally dedicated to her pleasure. Probably if I had weeks to get used to the idea, I would have found many reasons not to.I was excited beyond even events of the night before. "Karen, Honey, we have a new guest I would like you to meet." Karen came toward us, not recognizing me at first. They did not want him to cum that quickly, so they let him rest. Doing it however was a step beyond submissiveness to my wife. If I sucked a cock because it was what I craved, it was one thing. If I wanted to please my wife and sucked a cock in order to make her happy, I should in my own mind still be heterosexual. However, I was still incensed with the euphoria of the evening before. I went over to Hugh, shook his hand and reached for his belt. To him it was the prelude to him fucking my beautiful wife again. I immediately got a rush from the distinct taste of his precum.Derrick specializes in drilling and punishing new pornstarlets who look to make a name in porn. Here I was at Sally's apartment, not knowing who was there for sure and transformed completely into a passable woman. Karen had me model and turn, and then took me into the living room where all the guests were sitting. "I would like you to fuck my wife this evening if she is willing. Let's see if you can get him hard enough to satisfy Sally and Jill." It became apparent that Chris was the fluffer and that Hugh was lined up for only my sweet Karen.Home of adult web star & AVN's very first web starlet of the year winner, Catalina Cruz.

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