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It was later found out that the two were in a short relationship together and that he never assaulted her. She is a former adult actress who nabbed herself some Sheen.

She and Sheen were engaged from February 2014 until they broke off their engagement in 2015. Since her time with Sheen, Rossi has not been in any films or modeling.

Charlotte was only 19 years old when she met Charlie, who completely overwhelmed her.

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He was diagnosed in 2011 and kept the diagnosis quiet for several years. He was never very good with monogamy and somehow always got into trouble with his lady friends.

He has been arrested for alleged abuse but nothing really stuck, but the public image of him has been tarnished for good.

Her most recent time in the press was in 2010 when she accused Roman Polanski of assaulting her when she was on the set of Pirates!

She hired famed attorney Gloria Allred to represent her.

It is slightly sad that we remember him for his escapades and not his career, but he did that to himself.

begin Hard to imagine but Sean Penn’s ex-wife, Robin Wright, also known to us as Buttercup, dated Charlie Sheen from 1981 to 1982.

He has dated some incredibly famous women, while the majority of his love life he has been surrounded by adult film actresses. Charlie has been married three times in his life and has five children.

His wives are the ones we know most of all – Donna Peele, Denise Richards, and Brooke Mueller.

It seems as though it is a right of passage in Hollywood, to date a slightly more famous actor until you yourself get noticed.

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