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Many of the items appear to have belonged to Chanelle’s only son, Blakely Hayes-Bates, six, whose dad is ex-Middlesbrough footballer Matthew Bates.The star is having a clear out as she's moving in with PE teacher Ryan Oates, who she's been dating since May and has called "the love of my life" on Twitter.

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Chanelle hayes dating

She has also been a role model for obese people, having shrunk from she announced her pregnancy with her second child with boyfriend Ryan Oates.

Frankie Edward Oates, her second son, was born on 29 August 2017.

Apart from her TV shows, Hayes has appeared regularly on the cover of British Lads' magazines such as Nuts and Zoo.

she participated in the Great North Run, organized to collect aid for Cancer Research UK, and completed the race in two hours and forty-four minutes.

The TV personality-turned-makeup artist has flooded the Stuff 4 Sale in Scunthorpe group with posts as she's moving in with boyfriend PE teacher Ryan Oates.

Nine pairs of shoes, 17 items of boys' clothing, four toy sets and a dining room table and chairs have been uploaded to the site in the past month.

Soon after that, she appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines doing photo shoots and interviews and became a household name.

A few months down the line, Hayes cast in a video by Chanelle launched her cake-making venture – Love Cake Love Me - after attending six cake-making courses.

Chanelle, who had been dating PE teacher Ryan for 18 months, tweeted: "When @Ryan JOates drops your child off and you basically beg him to sort your family out but he tells you his family&friends have told him he should have left me even sooner than he did!

"What a lovely bunch of people." The reality stars fans flocked to offer their support over the split and Chanelle responded, writing: "We’ve not split up, he has walked out on me. Chanelle continued her rant, adding: "I’ve met some mean people in my time but never actually thought someone was evil until just lately." She then went on to claim that Ryan has thrown her, their baby Frankie and Blakely, her son from a previous relationship, out of the home they share, saying: "I moved an hour away from family&friends to be with him so a bit unfortunate.

It was only at the age of 15 that Chanelle found out about and reunited with her birth family.

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