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One of the euphemisms used in the episode is "master of my domain," said by a character when still in the contest.

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At Monk's Café, George tells Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer that his mother caught him masturbating in her house, resulting in her falling over in shock and ending up in the hospital.

George resolves never to masturbate again, and when the others express skepticism, the four of them make a $100 bet over who can go the longest without masturbating.

Jonathan Boudreaux for said, "The Emmy-winning script by Larry David introduced the brilliant euphemism 'master of my domain' to our lexicon and helped the series to truly become must-see TV.

We know what the episode is about, but the script never explicitly says it.

However, in the series finale, he confesses that he cheated.) Marla is shown in bed with Kennedy, having finally lost her virginity to him. Kenny Kramer claimed that there actually was a contest in which David and some friends of his took part, although he did not initially want to take part because he thought he could not win it. When David came up with using the idea for an episode of Seinfeld, he did not talk about it with Jerry Seinfeld for a considerable time, because he thought the episode was impossible for him to pitch.

He claimed that it probably would have been possible to have used the word "masturbation" in the episode (in "The Ticket"—an earlier episode in the same season—George says "you must have a good story; otherwise, it's just masturbation") although it would have probably ended up not being as funny.The pressure becomes too much for her and she drops out of the contest.While making out on the couch, Marla asks Jerry if they can have sex, claiming that she is ready.The cast and crew commented positively on the similarity in appearance between Harris and Jason Alexander, as it made it more believable that their characters could be related.Alexander's real-life mother looks similar to Harris.Most regular advertisers did not broadcast adverts during the show, because the series did not have good ratings at the time.

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