Catholic man dating a muslim woman

They have now been sentenced to a two month suspended jail sentence and ordered to pay £250 (€300) each and ordered to pay £680 (€800) in legal costs.The cousins’ lawyer, Daouda Diop, told the French press the court’s ruling was “fair”, before adding the case was a “humdrum family drama” that had been “massively blown out of proportion”.

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“Hidden Heart” is a ground-breaking documentary by Zara Afzal and Christopher Hird, which I am the Executive Producer of.

Just because two people are Muslim doesn't mean that they hold the same world view, and just because two people are from different faiths doesn't mean that they don't share a common world view, as well as mutual respect.

It is unfortunate that despite all this, and notwithstanding the Islamic authorities that Junaid quoted, that for many traditional mosques, marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslim men remain forbidden. Because as much as a woman should never be forced to marry -- she should also never be forced to remain alone.

However, intersectional discrimination is often an issue, particularly when it comes to male partners of heritage Muslim women (both those who convert to Islam and those who do not).

It is clear that the stigma of marrying outside one’s heritage community applies to Muslim women more acutely than their male counterparts.

But then the question becomes whether those words should be uttered and that oath be taken absent a spiritual conviction to embrace Islam.

Also -- should they be said in circumstances which create an unnecessary obligation?

That is not to say hot, single, smart Muslim men don't exist. But because the traditional mosque permits Muslim men to marry outside the faith, some of our (usually more liberal) Muslim brothers fall in love and marry compatible women outside Islam. It means it is more probable for a great single Muslim guy to fall in love with his non-Muslim co-worker, classmate or neighbour than his parents' friends' adult Muslim daughter who lives on the other side of town, or in another town altogether.

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