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But what's worrying is its context in the Casanova site as a whole, which, as The Daily Dot points out, doesn't exactly have an "evolved view of dating".They note that "one section offers Tinder tips for guys and advises fat men to 'take a picture with a fancy car or a nice house' and 'expect to pay more for your dates'" and talks about "basic bitches" and "sluts". That's what most of my friends complain about, that's what I didn't like about it.

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Keep in mind that in 1995 this concept was pretty far ahead of its time.

I'm not sure our pilot approached that concept, but that was the idea.

Our idea was a show that would follow us around the country on tour.

Each week would be from a different town on the road, and the show would combine "reality" style segments on the street, clips from the live performances, and pre-taped sketches.

When my date tried to introduce me, she looked me up and down and refused to shake my hand.

After my initial shock, I had to giggle — this woman was making an ass of herself, while I was totally chill.

There is surprisingly a lot of debate on the Net about whether this video is "real" or "fake." That ambiguity and ensuing debate has certainly fueled the video's popularity.

The video originated from a homemade TV "pilot" shot in 1995 by Selected Hilarity Comedy Group, which consisted of four friends and me from the University of North Carolina.

An app that lets you say yes or no to multiple people at once.

And, even better, let's you undo in case you accidentally swiped left on your soulmate.

Other than that, I'm not sure if anyone ever saw any of these sketches.

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