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Tahirih Justice Center is a nonprofit focused on protecting women and girls from human rights abuses.

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In fact, California has no minimum age requirement for getting married. In the Golden State, you just need a court order and parental consent — a big problem if it’s the parent that’s forcing the marriage. But under the eyes of the law, as Tasneem puts it, she was made a wife at age 16 while about to bear her first child.

From California to New York, experts agree children — girls in particular — are forced into marriage in the United States far more than most people realize.

She recommends starting over with a minimum marriage age of 18.

“The solution is to stop child marriage today.” To ensure that the ACLU and the bill’s current wording makes sense, I turn to the best expert I know about the terror of being forced into an abusive marriage. She says that her father was Muslim and a girl in his sect was forced into marriage after being raped at 14.

“Such a ban unnecessarily and unduly intrudes on the fundamental right of marriage without sufficient cause.” The ACLU added, “We do not believe there is yet good evidence regarding the nature, location or severity of this problem in California.” Instead of a minimum age — a slippery slope when it comes to rights and I get that — the ACLU suggested stipulating that courts interview the children involved.

I wonder how the rides home with dads will work out.

Pew Research Center reports the national rate is 4.6 for every 1,000 15- to 17-year-olds; California’s is 5.5. If you’re a minor, you need a court order and parental consent.

But if you’re like most minors, in reality you are under the rule of at least one parent.

A girl forced to marry can’t get an education, often is a victim of violence and,” Reiss says, “suffers the consequences for the rest of her life.” Watchdog groups report coercion is on the rise and say forced marriages involve girls as young as 12 matched with much older men.

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