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At the row level you can handle the situation however you need. With FOrms 2.0 it is easier than it has ever been but you still need to learn the technology.Her eis one small tutorial that is pretty good at explaining some of the issues of validation: The grid controls are the hardest to use to create mailboxes. I can fairly easily design a validation schem in C# or VB.

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I mean the focus isforced to be within the column1 cell.

You can move from column to column as long as long as the datatypesare correct (no parsing error).

Below is a sample of handling the Cell End Edit data Grid View1_Cell End Edit(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Event Args e)You can also inherite a new class from Data Grid View and override the On Cell End Edit method to clear the current row's error text.

Below is asample.class My Data Grid View : Data Grid View Hope this helps.

I suggest that they are not the best place to start your forms validation education. Net but haven't spent a lot of time copying the lessons over to Power Shell.

Most of it is teh same but some things are not available such as validation on a background thread. The offering is not appropriate for situationsthat require urgent, real-time or phone-based interactions or complexproject analysis and dump analysis issues.Issues of this nature are besthandled working with a dedicated Microsoft Support Engineer by contacting Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS) at posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no column1 and presses the [ESC] key.I know there is a Row Validating event but i'm not sure how to use that in my case. Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args]$_ $msg='Row: Column: Value:' -f $ea. The escape causes the row to be reverted or it jsut cancels the edit. A structured presentatiopn will save you a lot of time and guesswork.Copy of the code is attached.uploads/35332/2-Bulk-Create hooon2012-02-12 $ea = [System. You might also search for web tutorials on WIndows FOrms validation.In the above scenario, after the user press the [ESC] key, the Cell End Editevent of the Data Grid View is raised.

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