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This law initially banned night police raids on private homes as a civilian consideration to safeguard family privacy – but a Belgian law that recent terrorism events have shown needs an urgent review.

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Now in Belgium it is legal to possess up to 3g of cannabis.

Recent comments have hinted at stricter policies but will likely mostly affect smoking in public, while possession continues to still be technically legal.

Belgium’s colours are based on the coat of arms of the Duchy of Brabant: a golden lion with a red tongue and claws on a black field.

The original Belgian flag did indeed go through a few shuffles after the Belgian revolution of 1830, starting out as red over yellow over black, with horizontal lines rather than today’s vertical ones, but later was rotated with a changed colour order for various reasons (one including to distance itself from the horizontal Dutch flag and align more with the vertical French one).

For cyclists, in certain one-way streets they are allowed to ride in both directions if indicated by a traffic sign, even when car traffic is only one-way.

Today’s Belgian tricolour flag of black, yellow and red contradicts the Belgian Constitution that states the ‘Belgian Nation adopts red, yellow and black for its colours’.

Before diving into the stranger Belgian laws, Belgium can be noted on many progressive laws implemented over the years: The Belgian laws restricting ’games of chance’ mean that prohibitions apply to commercial contests, sweepstakes, lotteries organised by advertisers and even private poker games and bingo games, unless you obtain a licence from the ‘Kansspelcommissie’ or no-one wins any financial gain.

On the other hand, a law since 1851 has given the Belgian National Lottery a monopoly on handling all lottery and scratch card games.

Many of Belgium's stranger laws are bizarre for being outdated, however comprehensible or important for legislators at the time.

With centuries of rulers adding legislations that still exist today, some of Belgium’s laws come across as astoundingly bizarre.

As the law is considered to have constitutional status, abolishing it is a difficult process.

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